How to Choose The Right Label Shape: Useful Tips

How to Choose The Right Label Shape: Useful Tips

Choosing the right label shape is crucial to how your product is perceived. The shape of your label not only affects the aesthetics but also influences customer experience and brand recognition. With so many options available, selecting the perfect label shape can be challenging. This article will provide valuable tips on choosing the correct label shape for your products. By the end of this guide, you will clearly understand which label shapes work best for different products and branding goals.

What factors to consider when choosing a label shape?

Selecting the perfect label shape requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are the key elements to keep in mind:

  • Product Type and Container Shape: Consider the shape and size of your product's container. Different containers, such as bottles, jars, boxes, and bags, may be better suited for specific label shapes.
  • Branding and Aesthetic Goals: Think about the overall look and feel you want to achieve. The label shape can enhance your brand's identity, whether you aim for a modern, elegant, or classic appearance.
  • Amount of Information to Be Displayed: Assess the amount of text, images, and other information you need on the label. Some shapes provide more space, while others are better for minimalistic designs.
  • Surface Area and Size of the Label: Measure the surface area available for labelling. Ensure the chosen label shape fits well within the available space without overcrowding or leaving too much space.

Detailed Guide to Label Shapes

Rectangle Labels

Rectangle Labels | Viva Magenta Project

Rectangle labels are a classic choice for a wide range of products. Here’s why you might choose rectangle labels: 

  • Ideal Uses: Elongated containers (tall and thin or short and wide), such as boxed chocolates, canned goods, tubular containers, creams, and mason jars.
  •  Design Tips: 
    • Great for wrapping around the container and separating your logo and other technical information.
    • Perfect for text-heavy logos and detailed information.
    • It provides moderate coverage or more design space, making it versatile for various products.

Oval Labels

Oval Labels | Viva Magenta Project

Oval labels offer a touch of elegance and minimalism. Consider oval labels if:

  • Ideal Uses: Bottles, jars, fold-over bags, baked goods, candles, jarred goods, oils, sauces, soaps, and spices.
  • Design Tips:
    • Best for minimal coverage and a softer, more elegant aesthetic.
    • Ideal for simple, minimalist logo designs.
    • Great for wrapping text around the border for a unique look.

Square Labels

Square Labels | Viva Magenta Project

Square labels provide a modern and sophisticated look. They are suitable for:

  • Ideal Uses: Gift boxes, dry foods, spirits, tea or coffee tins, and containers needing clear front and back separation.
  • Design Tips:
    • Excellent for including a lot of information (large square) or pricing/ID labels (small square).
    • Works well with detailed or elaborate logos, especially those with borders.

Round Labels

Round Labels I Viva Magenta Project

Round labels bring a classic charm to your products. They are perfect for:

  • Ideal Uses: Bagged goods, balms and creams, candles, drinks, sauces, and jams.
  • Design Tips:
    • Ideal for curved surfaces and lids.
    • Suitable for simple, compact logo designs.
    • Great for displaying moderate amounts of information and as secondary messaging labels.

Plaque Labels

Plaque labels add a decorative and upscale touch. Choose plaque labels if:

  • Ideal Uses: Wine bottles, jarred goods, oils, sauces, candles, and gift boxes.
  • Design Tips:
    • Perfect for a decorative finish and luxury aesthetic.
    • Best for simple designs that accentuate the plaque shape.

Lid Seal Labels

Lid seal labels provide tamper-proofing and a professional look. They are perfect for:

  • Ideal Uses: Jam jars, honey jars, candles, and cosmetic containers.
  • Design Tips:
    • Ensures product integrity and adds a finishing touch.
    • Ideal for designs that fit a lid seal template's "lollipop" shape.

Tips for Custom Shape Label Printing

Custom shape labels can significantly enhance your product's branding and make it stand out. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best results when printing custom shape labels:

  1. Choose the Right Material
  2. Design for the Shape
    • Tailor your design to fit the custom shape. Avoid overcrowding the label with too much text or imagery. Focus on a clean and appealing design that effectively utilises the unique shape.
  3. Work with Professional Printers
  4. Consider the Application Surface
    • Ensure the label adheres well to the product's surface. Some surfaces may require specific adhesives or finishes to prevent peeling or fading.
  5. Use High-Resolution Graphics
    • Ensure all images and graphics are high-resolution to prevent pixelation. Vector graphics are ideal as they maintain quality regardless of size adjustments.
  6. Incorporate Your Brand Identity
    • Use colours, fonts, and elements consistent with your brand identity. Custom shape labels are an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s visual appeal and recognition.
  7. Explore Different Shapes
    • Experiment with various custom shapes to see which best suits your product and brand. Unique shapes can create a memorable impression and differentiate your product from competitors' products.

To Wrap Up

Choosing the right label shape is vital in enhancing your product's appeal and ensuring your brand stands out. By considering factors such as the type of product, the shape of the container, branding goals, and the amount of information needed, you can select a label shape that best fits your needs. Each label shape, whether a rectangle, oval, square or something more unique, offers distinct advantages that can enhance the look and functionality of your product packaging.

Custom shape labels can further elevate your brand by making your products more memorable and appealing to customers. Before production, remember to test your designs and materials to meet your quality standards. With the right label shape, your products look great and effectively communicate your brand's identity and values.

Take the time to explore different shapes and find the perfect fit for your brand. With the right approach, your labels can become a powerful tool for creating a lasting impression.