Custom Stickers

Step up your marketing game and make a lasting impression with personalised stickers from Viva Magenta Project. Custom sticker printing offers a versatile, cost-effective strategy to enhance your brand's visibility. Distribute stickers to your customers, elevate your product packaging, or make your boxes captivate the eye.

Our custom-made stickers provide extensive customisation options, including paper and durable plastic materials, custom shapes, and various sizes and finishes. Tailor your stickers to reflect your unique brand identity and connect with your audience on a personal level.

Looking to make a statement? Designing stickers for causes, events, or simply to showcase your logo on personal items has never been easier. With our platform, you can effortlessly achieve a distinctive look, and our expert design team is ready to assist whenever needed.

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Transform your branding concepts into captivating custom stickers by following these steps:

How to create unforgettable custom stickers for my brand?


Design with Purpose

Reflect on your brand’s message and consistency. Incorporate your unique colours, logos, and style to tell your story.


Select Material and Size

Choose from paper stickers for indoor use or durable plastic for all conditions. Then, pick the size that perfectly fits your needs.

customize it

Design Upload

You can easily upload your custom sticker packaging design on our platform. Our team will then work with you to ensure your vision is fully realized.

choose product

Print and Ship

Once you approve your final design, we will print and deliver your custom stickers, ready to make an impact.

Seeking Answers? Look No Further!

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What’s the difference between the different sticker materials?

Our paper stickers are perfect for indoor use or areas away from moisture, offering a classic look. Our plastic stickers are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications for enhanced durability and resistance to water and oil.

How quick is the turnaround for custom sticker label orders?

We aim to print your stickers and get them out the door as quickly as possible. Most orders will take 5 business days to process, plus shipping time.

Which file types can I use with your sticker maker tools?

You can upload your designs in .pdf formats, ensuring high-quality prints.

How much does it cost to make custom stickers?

Pricing depends on various factors, including size, quantity, and design specifics. Contact us for a custom quote.

Can you print stickers yourself?

For professional quality, durability, and finish, our custom sticker printing service ensures your stickers represent your brand at its best.

Elevate your brand with custom sticker printing

Why our custom stickers stand out?

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Unrivalled Customisation

Your brand deserves stickers as unique as your vision. Our custom sticker printing services offer limitless customisation possibilities, enabling your brand’s personality to shine in every detail.

Premium quality

Superior Quality

We’re committed to excellence in every print. Our custom-made stickers are designed to impress and built to last, ensuring your brand continues to resonate with your audience.


Streamlined Process

From the initial selection to the final delivery, we’ve streamlined every step to make the process seamless. Our goal is to bring your branding to life effortlessly.


Significant Brand Impact

Our custom print stickers do more than adhere; they communicate your brand’s story and values. They serve as both an introduction and a lasting reminder of what your brand stands for.